A Bad Workman Blames His Tools

Typeface produced in response to the phrase a bad workman blames his tools.


42x elastic bands (with tub)
37x pins (with holder)
16x watercolour pens (with holder)
13x cotton spools
13x wooden pegs
07x scalpels
07x staedtler wax crayons
05x highlighter pens
05x pen lids
05x scalpel blades
03x cotton reels
03x sharpie markers
02x foldback clips
02x insulation tape reels
02x letraset pantone markers
02x staedtler fineliner pens
02x stanley knives
02x wire cutters
01x berol colour marker
01x bic permanent marker
01x bulldog clip
01x external hard drive USB cable
01x foam pad tape reel
01x ink roller
01x lino cutter
01x magnifying glass
01x muji aluminium key ring
01x ruler (15cm)
01x scalpel blade holder
01x scissors
01x ticker tape reel
01x water pot